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I help purpose - driven individuals and organizations create their compelling future and bring it into the here and now. Creating a compelling future requires Leadership and it begins with each of us first.

"Motivation Resides in our Mind and Inspiration Resides in our Hearts"


Hey, my name is Rob!

 I am the Founder and CEO of Ronin Awaken Coaching and the Hedequist X program.

We all desire something greater in our lives.  Something larger than ourselves to which we can aspire.  Something that drives us to jump out of bed in the morning, ready to tackle the world, and gives us a sense of true purpose. That is a compelling future.  

That is exactly why I created the Hedequist X program.  If you are looking to renew or jumpstart your life, take your performance to the next level, be comfortable in your own skin and at ease with who you truly are then I urge you to schedule your FREE strategy session today.

 Lock into your compelling future. One that is so vivid and attractive that it’s irresistible.  

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NOW is the time for rapid and sustainable transformation

Are you purpose driven but lacking a purpose? Is your life as fulfilling as it could be? Are you unable to see your future clearly? You may feel stuck or unsure of which direction to turn. Or, perhaps your focus is just a bit off.  These are all common symptoms of not having created a compelling future for yourself.

With my intensive 3 stage program you will crush limiting beliefs, destroy major emotional hangovers that sabotage you, create the compelling future you desire and a sustainable path to get you there.

Haven’t you waited long enough?
Latch on to your future.  It does not reside in tomorrow, next year or in five years.  Your future begins now.

Take the first step today, transformation is within your grasp.

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"Rob Hedequist is the real deal. If you want life altering results, and want to work with a genuine expert alongside you in your journey, you have chosen the right coach. Authentic, committed, experienced are the three words that I would use to describe Rob. Working with Rob is both an honor and a life changing experience."

Michele Sinclair Founder & CEO, Brandnew Elite Athlete Transformation
Founder & CEO, Brandnew Elite Athlete Transformation

"The coaching techniques Rob uses helped me to overcome deep seated things from my past that impeded further personal and professional growth, and have been holding me back from reaching my full potential. Since our sessions, I have been able to build deeper trust relationships and be more effective in managing my team and my business."

Robert Breynaert
Global Managing Director

"As a therapist with significant experience working with people impacted by broken and painful relationships, physical and emotional injuries, and addictions, I have always believed in the value of engaging my own therapy. But even after several seasons of my own counseling, particular issues related to anger and sadness remained triggering. With a desire to experience release from past wounds, I committed to a NLP session with Rob. From the moment I was greeted in his office, I felt my body begin to rest. Rob has a gentleness, wisdom, and professionalism that makes it easy to trust the process. Several hours felt like a much shorter space, and I left feeling lighter, rid of negative energy, and more at ease. Three months post- NLP, I find it difficult to remember what had previously been triggering and painful. I highly recommend not only the treatment, but Rob as the practitioner."

Jenny Wilson

"Inspirational Leadership. Robert Hedequist possesses a distinctive gift. He volunteers precious time and unlocks untapped potential in existing scholar-athletes at the University of Washington. As a former scholar-athlete in college himself, Robert values the future of these imminent leaders. As the Head Coach of these collegiate athletes, our program benefits significantly as Robert continues to strengthen our philosophy of developing future leaders in our community that serve as ambassadors to the institution upon graduation. Robert’s influence and inspirational leadership is serving them to realize their full potential. "

Christopher Mendez, MBA
Head Coach, University of Washington Boxing Team

Mark Michael, CEO and Co-Founder of DevHub

Expertise and Experience Team Up and Deliver Results

NOW, is the right time!

There is no time like NOW.....schedule your strategy session with me and take the next step forward to securing your compelling future.


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